• #Comeback
    Day 6 I did not do any of my home workouts during the weekend because I attend a Zumba class every Saturday and on Sundays I usually go for an afternoon walk along the promenade with my sister, hence I skip the those two days. However, today is a new week and I’m back at … Continue reading #Comeback
  • #Comeback Day 5
    Hi all! I didn’t post anything yesterday but fear not, I have not fallen. Even though I do not intend to post daily, I have set a goal to post at least four days a week because posting on this website is also a way to keep myself accountable. Yesterday I stuck to my routine … Continue reading #Comeback Day 5
  • #Comeback Day 3
    I’m still going at it. Today was definitely a test of the wills. Our weather was really crappy in Durban, South Africa as in, it was freezing cold this morning. I give myself half an hour to work out before I go about my morning routine. My alarm went off for me to do my … Continue reading #Comeback Day 3
  • #Comeback #Consistency
    DAY 2 I’m up and at it again! It’s good to note that consistency yields results and with inconsistency you become stagnant. So with that mindset I (begrudgingly) got up again today to do my work out. In the early stages of this journey, it’s easy for one to find reasons to quit. That is … Continue reading #Comeback #Consistency
  • #Comeback
    DAY 1 Hi all! I have decided to start taking back control over my body. At the beginning of last year I weighed around 65kgs and now I am up to 74kgs. (See photo below) I let myself gain weight by not taking care of my body for it to be the way I intend … Continue reading #Comeback